The Motherisk International Journal is dedicated to the  medical field of fetal and maternal risks of drugs, chemicals, radiation, infections and other environmental factors, as well as psychosocial risks. The motto of Motherisk since its inception in 1985 has been “Treating the Mother, Protecting the Unborn”.

Presently, there are journals dedicated to adverse fetal and neonatal outcomes, but the risks of not treating the mother during pregnancy have been much less discussed. A balanced picture, synthesizing risks and benefits to both mother and baby is rarely presented.

The format of most reports in Motherisk International Journal will be brief update pieces, with focus on “short” “updated” and “evidence-based”. Most paper will be 500-1000 long and 10 references. The abstract of each piece will include a short Question and a short Answer. These will be followed by the main text, which can be divided into subdivision as needed.

These updated Motherisk International Journal papers will be written by either members of the Editorial Board or by any health professional or scientist in the fields related to our vision. These include, but not limited, to obstetricians, perinatologists, neonatologists, pediatricians, pharmacologists, toxicologists, teratologists, pharmacists, geneticists, internists, obstetric medicine specialists, ethicists, and psychosocial clinicians and scientists.


Papers should be submitted to
Gideon Koren MD FRCPC FACMT, Editor in Chief


Instructions to Authors

The Motherisk International Journal is dedicated to publishing of updated, evidence-based reviews in the field of fetal, neonatal and long term effects of medicinal or environmental agents after maternal exposure. The Vision section gives more details on the scope of the Journal. Potential authors should carefully review articles published in the Journal for understanding of our unique style.

Language: English.

Length: Up to 2000 words.

Abstract: The abstract takes the form of a short Question and a short Answer to the question posed.

Body of review: A succinct, short, updated and evidence-based review of the relevant literature. The final conclusions should be clear with implications to practice and/ or research.

References: Up to 20, Vancouver style. Label “in press” when appropriate.

Copyright Practice: One author signs copyright on behalf of all authors.

Authorship criteria: Authors should have been substantially involved in any of the planning, writing or interpretation of the data. Revisions and final version need to be approved by all authors and all authors sign off prior to submission. A List of author contributions needs to be attached. Permission in writing should be obtained for any personal communications, and permission must be obtained for using pictures or table from existing publications.

Publishing Practices:  Duplicate or simultaneous publishing is not permitted.   Financial Disclosures need to be full and complete, identifying financial support for research with full financial disclosure and any potential conflict of interest by all authors

The editorial process includes peer review by members of the Editorial Board, or other experts in the field. Peer reviewers are expected to disclose conflict of interest and relevant financial relationships. Authors may suggest names of reviewers.  Confidentiality of manuscripts is ensured by reviewers

Human Subject Research. As this is a journal dedicated to reviews, typically authors will not need to make a statement on ethics (IRB) approval, unless new data are presented as part of the review.  In relevant cases, the Journal will allow corrections or retractions. As the Journal publishes reviews, research misconduct is not expected.

Peer review process: The Journal will acknowledge receipt of the manuscript within 2 days and a decision will be made within 2 weeks (revisions, acceptance as is, or rejection). The Journal is committed to publish accepted papers on line within 5 days of receipt of a final version.

Editor in Chief:

Gideon Koren MD, FRCPC, FACMT

Professor, Adelson Faculty of Medicine

Ariel University, Israel 40700,

Motherisk Israel Program

Shamir Hospital


Associate Editor:

Yusuf Cem Kaplan MD

Izmir Katip Celebi University, Turkey